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by composer DAVID OTT

The stories of Peter Pan, Cinderella & Pinocchio Each paired with an educational proponent that helps introduce this piece, making these especially perfect for School and Family Concerts. Take your audiences, young and old, on a fantasy journey with your symphony orchestra!

The story of PETER PAN

The swashbuckling story of Peter Pan is amplified with music that sweeps from adventure to imagery to sweetness and gentleness. Each character of the story is given magical qualities in the music of David Ott.

Educational Component: “Math in Action”

Music puts math into action. Ott explains that the elements of music are founded upon mathematical principles. He explains how beat, meter and tempo are math-based and fundamental to life and the human body, setting the stage for the action-packed story of Peter Pan.

36 minutes in length.

2322 4224 Timp Perc (3 players) Harp Strings


Educational Component

The story of CINDERELLA

From the grim story of a young girl’s tragedies to the triumph of her impossible dream come true. David Ott’s compelling music captures the spirit of a story that has thrilled audiences for more than a century.

Educational Component: “Power of Expression”

Words can tell a story. Music can release the emotions of a story. Join the fun as David Ott pulls words and music together to create a full-blown experience that releases the power of expression in an all-new version of Cinderella.

31 minutes in length

2222 4223 Timp Perc (3 players) Harp Strings


Educational Component

The story of PINOCCHIO

The unexpected twists and turns of Pinocchio’s adventures come to life in David Ott’s orchestral setting of this story of love and adventure.

Educational Component: “Nouns Notes and Verbs” 

By relating language structure to melodic structure, music has order and direction, not mere randomness. No matter what the character of the melody, it is based on principles of language. The many melodies in Pinocchio are guided by rules that make sense to the listener.

40 minutes in length 

2222 4223 Timp Perc (3 players) Harp Strings


Educational Component

That’s When it Happened

Part 7 of a 13-part video series that relate American history to music history. 

No other series on the market like it. 

Comes with outcome goals and assignments for high school students.

First Trip to the Symphony – 23 minutes

Excellent alternative to Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra.

Introduces the full symphony, each family of instrument and music for each instrument.

Two versions 10 Minutes (short excerpts) or 23 Minutes

“Some of your melodies are even better than Britten’s.” Kirk T.

Three to Get Ready – 40 Minutes

Explains rhythm, melody, and harmony using original music of David Ott and excerpt from Bach, Beethoven and Dvorak.

The program progresses from snapping of the fingers to full-throated symphonic splendor.

Audiences and orchestra members have some good laughs along the way.

Educational Books & Materials

Each book contains 20 fascinating stories of composers you might meet on a given day. A 20-minute read or listening exercise for a classroom experience.

Foundations of Music Theory Books

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